EcoPort certified

Presented by the European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO) this PERS accreditation means that we continue to be a member of the EcoPorts network, the main environmental initiative of the European ports sector. We've held this accreditation since 2013 and it puts Shoreham Port amongst the most environmentally proactive in the world.

Electric vehicles at Shoreham Port

Saving energy and reducing our carbon emissions

Understanding the impact of our work on the environment is something that we are keen to get a clearer picture of, and we have formed an early-adopter partnership with AqualisBreamar Loc to build a port-specific emissions tracker. This portal will help us to monitor the emissions from of our vessels, vehicles and office spaces, as we transition towards cleaner energy alternatives, helping us to identify areas for improvement. 

Cleaning our water, land and air

Our two new Sea Bins are working efficiently to help keep the waters of our canal free of rubbish and debris. They filter 25,000 litres of water an hour and catch nearly 4kg of rubbish every day, right down to micro plastics, as small as 2mm across.

We have adapted our fleet of more than 60 forklifts, cranes and other heavy machinery from diesel to using low emission gas-to-liquid fuel and have electrified 2/3 of our fleet of vans. 

Green Energy Hub

Green hydrogen will play a significant role in delivering decarbonisation and there is an emerging market for clean fuel which we will be at the forefront of. 

The first phase of the Hub will focus on the provision of green hydrogen and renewable electricity to our own fleet of forklift trucks and heavy goods vehicles. These ambitious plans bring together a group of strategic partners consisting of H2 Green, Ricardo, and Local Fuels.

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