1. Scope

1.1 Shoreham Port since inception has operated as a Trust Port. Our organisation includes Shoreham Port Developments & Investments Limited, Shoreham Port Authority, Sussex Port Forwarding and Shoreham Port Solutions.

1.2 Our purpose is to ‘improve the Port for everyone’. The surpluses we make are reinvested in people, infrastructure and commercial growth to benefit everyone, creating jobs and opportunities.

1.3 Shoreham Port has values which are embedded in everything we do, the decisions we make and how we behave.

1.4 Shoreham Port is opposed to all forms of modern slavery and aims to conduct itself in line with its values in all its business interactions.

1.5 Shoreham Port is committed to acting transparently and disclosing information about any modern slavery risks we identify and the subsequent actions we take in response.

1.6 We will focus resources where they can have the most impact by prioritising risks.

1.7 We will make year-on-year progress addressing risks, improving outcomes for workers of Shoreham Port and our supply chains.

1.8 This policy provides information and guidance for both colleagues and external stakeholders.

2. Modern Slavery: What it is?

2.1 The Modern Slavery Act 2015 was introduced by the UK Government and is designed to give law enforcement agencies the power to tackle crimes relating to modern slavery.

2.2 The UK Government defined modern slavery as ‘the recruitment, movement, harbouring or receiving of children, women or men through the use of force, coercion, abuse of vulnerability, deception or other means for the purpose of exploitation’.

3. Accountability

3.1 The Chief Executive is accountable for ensuring organisational adherence to this policy.

3.2 The Board are responsible for providing appropriate governance and oversight.

4. Recruitment

4.1 Our recruitment and selection processes include checking successful candidates have the legal Right to Work in the UK.

4.2 As part of our commitment to the Port Marine Safety Code our onboarding process also includes a Global Sanctions Background Check.

4.3 We are a proud Brighton Living Wage employer.

4.4 There are a range of policies available to colleagues who may have concerns regarding modern slavery including: Equal Opportunities policy, Dignity at Work policy, Anti-Bribery policy, and Whistleblowing policy.

5. Procurement

5.1 For major contracts, partnerships and tenancy agreements we would typically seek to view an organisations Modern Slavery Policy and ensure that best practice is being adhered to.

6. Raising concerns

6.1 At regular intervals, through posters, verbal and electronic communication we share with colleagues’ different ways they are able to highlight any concerns regarding Modern Slavery. The options available to colleagues include raising issues with line managers, talking to the People team, contacting our confidential Colleague Assistance Programme or accessing the Whistleblowing policy.

6.2 Given the nature of activity at the Port we encourage colleagues to highlight issues within both our own and partner/supplier organisations. We disseminate Government and UK Border Force best practice guidance at regular intervals or as issues are identified.

6.3 Should a member of the public wish to report an incident or raise a query we can be contacted on info@shoreham-port.co.uk. These contact details are regularly promoted to ensure public awareness.

Audit trail Colleague Date
Policy updated by Alison Burstow, People Manager September 2022
Policy reviewed by Samantha Woolven, PCS Director September 2022
Policy authorised by Tom Willis, Chief Executive September 2022