In January 2020 we embarked on creating a set of meaningful values that not only embody our current culture, but are also aspirational, helping to create the future we want. We embarked on a series of ‘values conversations’ with colleagues across the Port. No stone was left unturned, and everyone had a voice in creating our eight new values.

Our values based transformation was recognised by the CIPD as the best SME people management initiative of the year.

Who we are and who we want to work with

The energy we bring and what we expect from each other

We act with integrity and ethics, demonstrating equality at all times

Our approach to competition, costs and new opportunities

We work together internally and across our Port community

We are accountable for our actions – now and to future generations

We actively listen to our wide range of community stakeholders

We will consider our impact, act sustainably and leave the Port better than we found it