1 July 2024

In a bold step towards reducing local emissions, Shoreham Port is proud to announce a new partnership with Local Fuels to develop a Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) supply chain in the southeast region. 

For the past 12 months, we have successfully introduced HVO fuel across our cranes, forklift trucks, and marine vessels, resulting in significant environmental benefits; saving over 600 tonnes of CO2 annually. However, to fully realise the potential of HVO, a consistent and cost-effective supply chain is essential. Therefore, we are pleased to form a new collaboration with Local Fuels, our trusted partner at the Port, to establish a reliable and cost-effective HVO supply chain. 

HVO is a fossil-free, drop-in replacement alternative for most modern diesel engines, resulting in 80-90% CO2 emissions reduction. The use of HVO also sees benefits in the form of reduced particulates, nitrogen oxide (NOx), and carbon monoxide emissions, improving local air quality. 

Local Fuels, bringing their fuelling infrastructure and distribution expertise to the partnership, are transitioning their entire tanker fleet to HVO and investing in port terminal infrastructure to enable bulk HVO storage, facilitating large-scale adoption and distribution. Additionally, the HVO Local Fuels provide is ISCC certified and contains no links to palm oil or the palm oil production process, ensuring a responsible and environmentally sustainable source. 

"We are thrilled to partner with Local Fuels in integrating a new HVO supply chain into our Port operations," said Tom Willis, Chief Executive of Shoreham Port. "This collaboration aligns with our ambitious decarbonisation goals and sets a precedent for sustainable fuel usage across Sussex and beyond." 

Anthony Salvidge, Managing Director of Local Fuels commented, "Our partnership with Shoreham Port represents a step towards reducing regional emissions and promoting sustainable fuel solutions. We are dedicated to supporting this initiative by converting our fleet and enhancing our storage capabilities.” 

Shoreham Port and Local Fuels are committed to investing in port-based infrastructure and transportation to support HVO adoption. Local Fuels have recently begun a project to upgrade their terminal tanks and pipework for bulk HVO storage, enabling them to accommodate large vessel quantities. Additionally, they are modifying their bunker facilities for the use of HVO in their tankers. 

The joint efforts of Shoreham Port and Local Fuels are integral to broader aims of creating a Local Industrial Decarbonisation Plan, reducing emissions across the Shoreham Port Industrial Cluster. Learn more about this initiative on 4th July at Sustainability Week 2024.

We actively encourage other local organisations to join our collaboration. For more information on integrating HVO fuel into your operations, please contact Local Fuels at 01825 840931 or info@local-fuels.co.uk.

Category: Sustainability