29 November 2022

We are delighted to announce that Local Fuel Ltd, fuel expert and Port tenant is generously sponsoring a Seabin at Shoreham Port within our canal. The sponsorship demonstrates Local Fuel Ltd’s commitment to continue supporting local industries, while investing in a greener future as the energy landscape continues to change.

The Local Fuel Seabin is one of 860 Seabins across the globe installed to collect plastics and litter from their marine environments. Created by the Seabin Project, the award-winning device is a floating rubbish bin designed to float in the waters of marinas and ports, attached to a pontoon. A pump sucks water through a catch bag inside the Seabin leaving litter and debris held inside. A single Seabin can collect over one tonne of litter each yearand can even capture microplastics as small as 2mm. The Local Fuel Ltd Seabin is emptied and the contents safely disposed of as part of our team's daily cleaning patrols.

The Local Fuel Seabin forms one of the stops on the new family-friendly Shoreham Port Anchor Points trail, which has been established to showcase the sustainable initiatives and points of interest across publicly accessible areas of the Port. Each Anchor Point features a wooden display board and a message from the Port’s new mascot, Delmar the Dolphin, as well as a QR code which you can scan for more information and additional activities to do as a family. Colouring maps featuring the points on the trail are available in Port Kitchen, the Port’s café.

Local Fuel Ltd is a trader, importer, storer, wholesaler and distributor of petroleum products to the UK Market; their team serves the southern UK market from Shoreham Oil Terminal at Shoreham Port, with much of their products being used for essential local industry, heating, and agriculture.

The Local Fuel Seabin is located on a pontoon secured to their terminal – and is visible from the publicly accessible path east of the canal bank, accompanied by the Anchor Point information board on the path explaining the technology and its environmental benefits. The Local Fuel Seabin is powered by an off-grid solar system that uses 15 panels to generate renewable energy, capable of producing 5000kw hours of energy each year.

Local Fuel Ltd is also a key partner in the Green Energy Hub plans at Shoreham Port. When operational, the hub will provide clean renewable fuel for locally based fleets and be a catalyst for the decarbonisation of transport across the region. The team at Local Fuel Ltd will leverage their knowledge and expertise in downstream fuel distribution to explore and implement opportunities to deliver green hydrogen to the local market.

The company will play their part in the energy transition through the importation and storage of synthetic zero carbon fuels, in addition to other biofuel alternatives. The company is also investing in their own green transport solutions, electrifying their own fleets where possible and installing electric charging points at their fuel stations.

Lydia Harvey, Sustainability Manager at Shoreham Port commented “We are delighted to have Local Fuel Ltd support us through their sponsorship of a Seabin near their terminal at Shoreham Port. This reflects our shared and ongoing commitment to a greener future, and paves the way as we work together to bring hydrogen to Shoreham Port and the southeast.”

Tom Buckley, General Manager at Local Fuel Ltd commented “We are pleased to be partnering with the Port to sponsor a Seabin Anchor Point. At Local Fuel we are committed to our existing role in keeping local and national industries going, whilst making progress on the energy transition that underpins our future. Supporting the Seabin demonstrates this objective and contributes to our overall progress in this area.”

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