Shipping Services

Shoreham Port boasts a first class suite of services and facilities, which meet the needs of all port users.

Cargo is handled through a combination of Port owned and private terminals. These include aggregate operators Tarmac, Cemex, Dudman, Minelco and Kendalls and scrap exporters EMR and Muddles.

Shoreham’s own Operations Division handles a wide diversity of imported and exported cargoes. The efficiency of the Port is well known in the industry and has an established reputation for the efficient and fast turnaround of vessels.

Shipping Services

Whether an importer or exporter, the journey from ship’s hold to quay, quay to warehouse, warehouse to road and onwards to the end customer, Shoreham Port is perfectly poised to provide a completely intermodal and integrated service for its customers which is both competitive and efficient.

Shoreham Port’s unique geographic position and services, combined with good road links to the main motorway networks of the UK, mean that it is excellently positioned to distribute products within the UK.

Vessel services are available into and out of Shoreham from Scandinavia, Baltic and European ports including:

- Latvia - Riga
- Finland - Hamina
- Sweden - Karlshamn, Södertälje 
- Spain - Pasajes, 
- Belgium - Antwerp 
- Holland - Rotterdam
- Northern Ireland - Londonderry
- Poland - Szczecin
- Turkey - ─░skenderun
- Other ports on the near continent and UK

There are also a range of liner services operating to Shoreham, which are accessible from the following links - Ahlmark Lines and TTS.