EcoPort status April 2019 squareShoreham Port has recently been re-certified as an EcoPort after its initial Port Environmental Review System (PERS) award in 2013. Presented by the European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO) the PERS accreditation means that Shoreham Port continues to be a member of the Eco-Ports network, the only port sector-specific environmental management standard.

Shoreham Port is one of only twelve ports in the UK to hold EcoPort status. It continually assesses its environmental impact to develop strategies that will improve the Port’s carbon footprint.

Shoreham Port will continue to use the PERS environmental system to demonstrate its green credentials and by using the “ESPO Green Guide; work towards excellence in port environmental management and sustainability.” The ESPO Green Guide introduces a common framework for port authorities to respond to their environmental challenges under 5Es; Exemplify, Enable, Encourage, Engage and Enforce.

This framework is then applied to five selected environmental issues that are addressed within the Guide, namely air quality, energy conservation and climate change, noise management, waste management, and water (both consumption and quality) management.

EcoPort certificate 2019