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    2022 Annual Review

    Welcome from the Chair & Chief Executive

    2022 was our second full year embedding our award-winning values, which continue to guide all aspects of our activity. Our commitment to improving the Port in a way sustainable remains consistent, in line with our responsibilities to future generations.

    As a certified EcoPort for nine years running, we continued to advance our sustainability efforts. We held our second Sustainability Week in September with over 300 visitors attending the Port. Please view our Sustainability Report 2022 which shares progress on our journey towards NetZero.

    At the end of 2022 we said goodbye and thank you to Carolyn Dwyer who served on our board since 2015. Catherine May joined the board, starting in January 2023. 

    As a Trust Port our continued success is linked to how we engage, and importantly, listen to a wide variety of valued stakeholders. Therefore, please continue to contact us with your views and suggestions. Everyone is also welcome to join us at our Annual Public Meetings - our 2022 event is taking place, on the 13th of June.

    Our outlook for the next twelve months is increasingly optimistic. Despite the market uncertainty, we are confident our strong customer and supplier relationships, combined with our increasingly diversified business model places us in a positive position. Whilst we will need to keep managing risks attributed to the ongoing energy crisis and war in Ukraine, we are both excited by the strong portfolio of projects scheduled for delivery in 2023 including the further development of the Shoreham Port Green Energy Hub. We believe we are well placed to create and maximise forthcoming opportunities with our values continuing to provide guidance.

    We would like to thank everyone once again for their hard work, during a year of positive growth at Shoreham Port.

    Amber & Tom, Chair & Chief Executive

    Highlighted Achievements


    Tonnes of cargo handled


    Donated to charitable causes


    Commercial tenant occupancy

    Over 700

    Tonnes of emissions removed


    In revenue


    Commercial vessel calls

    Senior Leadership Team

    Tom Willis

    Tom Willis

    Chief Executive

    Sara Bassett

    Sara Bassett

    Finance Director & Deputy Chief Executive

    Nicky Brown

    Nicky Brown

    Safety, Operations & Logistics Director

    Beth Evans-Gay

    Beth Evans-Gay

    Commercial & Property Director

    Brian Rousell

    Brian Rousell

    Director of Engineering & IT

    Julian Seaman

    Julian Seaman

    Harbour Master/Director of Marine Operations


    2022 Masterplan

    Improving our Port for everyone

    Find out more about our award-winning values

    Our values are embedded in everything we do, the decisions we make and how we behave. Shoreham Port's values based transformation was recognised by the CIPD as the best SME people management initiative of the year in 2021.

    Our Values

    Health, Safety and Wellbeing

    Engagement is key to success in driving improvements in our health and safety culture. To make sure we reach all of our colleagues we use a variety of methods of sharing information and getting them involved in initiatives to improve health and safety. This includes the development of our online Health and Safety Hub which provides a central source of information for colleagues and a way to interact with us virtually as well as pushing face to face interaction with our Safety Improvement Team Champions. All of this means that we can continue to ensure that our health, safety and wellbeing champions have the support they need to make real changes across the Port.

    We recognise three clear lines of defence in ensuring that we are all doing the right thing to ensure compliance as well as continuing to develop our health, safety and wellbeing culture at the Port.  Our first line of defence is our colleagues themselves – they play an intrinsic role in ensuring we send everyone home safe and well.

    Our second line of defence includes our internal checks and assurance processes carried out by our Health and Safety team as well as our Senior Leadership visits. These are all supported by our third line of defence which includes our independent external audit, which takes place on an annual basis. 

    We place great emphasis on the continual growth and development of our colleagues. During 2022 we commenced a programme of training, led by our Health and Safety team, to provide our colleagues and managers with the competence to act safely and the confidence to know what to do, when, and when to take action. This programme is set to continue throughout 2023 and will be integrated into our business-as-usual ways of working.

    Following the four lost time incidents which occurred in 2021 we have increased our efforts to prevent injury, and this has resulted in a single lost time accident in 2022 which involved a hairline fracture to a colleague’s lower leg. We remain committed to undertaking rigorous and proportionate investigations for all accidents and near misses to ensure we learn and take steps to prevent further occurrences. In addition, we have launched a new campaign across the Port to drive proactive action at the point of identifying hazards within the Port. Our new campaign “See it, Sort it, Report it” is to remind colleagues to take action if it is safe to do so when they identify an unsafe action or situation and then report it through our online reporting system so that we can build a picture of all hazards within the Port and make any changes needed to make sure everyone goes home safe and well.

    Financial Performance

    Statement of Financial Position For the Year Ended 31 December 2022
    Statement of Financial Position For the Year Ended 31 December 2022 2022 (£000s) 2021 (£000s)
    Fixed Assets 48,045 47,997
    Investment Properties 34,508 33,371
    Current Assets 7,963 6,155
    Creditors: Due Within 1 Year (4792) (16,012)
    Total Assets Less Current Liabilities 85,809 71,511
    Creditors: Due After More Than 1 Year (20,734) (5,835)
    Provisions for Liabilities (8,121) (6,463)
    Defined Benefit Pension Liability surplus/(deficit) 8,475 (453)
    Net Assets 65,429 58,761
    Reserves 65,429 58,761
    Consolidated Statement of Cash Flow For the Year Ended 31 December 2022
    Consolidated Statement of Cash Flow For the Year Ended 31 December 2022 2022 (£000s) 2021 (£000s)
    Cash Generated from Operations 747 3,673
    Interest Paid (416) (415)
    Income Taxes Paid (165) (170)
    Net Cash Inflow from Operating Activities 166 3,088
    Net Cash Generated Used in Investing Activities (2,801) (2,154)
    Net Cash (Used In)/Generated from Financing Activities 3,626 (1,214)
    Net increase /(Decrease) in Cash and Cash Equivalents 991 (280)
    Cash and Cash Equivalents at Beginning of Year 2,363 2,643
    Cash and Cash Equivalents at End of Year 3,354 2,363
    Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income For the Year Ended 31 December 2022
    Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income For the Year Ended 31 December 2022 2022 (£000s) 2021 (£000s)
    Turnover 16,649 15,624
    Cost of Sales (9,826) (10,048)
    Gross Profit 6,823 5,576
    Administrative Expenses (7,872) (6,484)
    Other Operating Income 88 87
    Operating (Loss)/Profit (962) (821)
    Interest Receivable and Similar Income 0 3
    Interest Payable and Similar Charges (693) (464)
    Fair Value Gain/(Loss) on Investment Properties 180 1,086
    Loss Before Taxation (1,474) (196)
    Taxation 296 (1,481)
    Loss for the Financial Year (1,178) (1,678)
    Tonnage & Turnover



    Overall, the Port recorded 575 commercial vessel calls, a 11% reduction from 646 in 2021. This decline resulted in a 14% reduction in total cargo tonnage. The key factor within this was a 36% decline in timber imports from the record breaking 349k tonnes handled in 2021. Over 1.57m tonnes of cargo was handled in 2022, which included aggregates, oil, timber, steel, grain, waste glass and several new bulk customers.

    Whilst there was a reduction in ship calls and total cargo tonnage, we still achieved a second year of record breaking turnover at £16.8m – 7% more than 2021. It was our property investment plans that helped drive the Port’s turnover, with rental income increasing by 10% to £4.9m. Despite the challenges around the volume of timber, 2022 saw Port Operations turnover remain consistent with 2021.


    Despite the challenging economic environment which resulted in a drop in our overall timber volumes, the team managed to deliver some significant new business through the year. Particular growth was seen in the export of wood chip to various European destinations. We also continued to build our customs clearance capability, enabling us to customs clear cargo in a variety of Ports across the UK. 
    In 2022, we celebrated the first full year of operating our haulage provision, providing each customer with a safe, efficient, and seamless logistics service from the quayside all the way to their doorstep. Throughout the year, our versatile haulage operation delivered goods nationwide, covering extensive distances that reached as far as Carlisle and Newcastle. Moreover, our fleet of vehicles not only transported a wide range of cargos from the Port but also provided event support for the popular local marathon!


    Located close to eastern fishing channels, we continue to provide high quality safe moorings for the fishing vessels that regularly call at the Port, maintaining our position as the third largest port in England for fish landings. The total value of fish landed was £15m, an increase of 12% on 2021.

    As well as the importance of commercial shipping to the Port, we are proud of our thriving leisure community. Leisure movements continued strongly with 14,772 movements from over 7,800 leisure vessels recorded in the year, benefiting from our ongoing investment and enhancement in our leisure berth facilities.

    We were delighted to be awarded a grant of £540k through DEFRA’s UK Seafood Fund: Infrastructure Scheme.  The project we developed will modernise the capability of our Dry Dock, significantly improving the facility for fishing and leisure users. Our transformed Dry Dock will be operational mid-2023 and is set to be very popular with berth holders and visiting marine users.

    Shoreham Port is committed to full compliance with the Port Marine Safety Code and to meet these requirements in all Port functions. We are proud to have received praise and recognition of continued development and commitment to our safety protocols from our auditors. To meet the requirements, throughout 2022 we engaged with all stakeholders to develop robust, proactive, and successful management plans for our marine activities. Being a tidal port, the highwater period can see the navigational channels become extremely busy and we endeavour to improve the Port for everyone, whilst getting every user home safely. As a Trust Port, we have a commercial Open Port Duty, and where we can, support other activities to coexist on the water.

    Innovation and Investment 

    In early 2022, we launched a new marina management platform called Harbour Assist, as part of our efforts to enhance the experience and services offered at our marina facilities. This platform is designed to be user-friendly for both existing and visiting users, providing boat owners with real-time information for secure payments and account management. The investment in Harbour Assist is part of the Port's ongoing commitment to technological investment and marks the next stage in improving and replacing other systems across the Port.

    The summer of 2022 saw the announcement of the Port’s acquisition of the popular chandlery business based at Lady Bee Marina. Led by our Marine team, Lady Bee Chandlery continues to provide a quality service for both visiting and permanent leisure users. All jobs were retained as part of the acquisition, and the team has since grown to serve our expanding marinas.

    Key Projects in 2022


    Inner Layby Remodelling

    Continuing the momentum of the 2021 terminal improvements, which included the demolition of Shed 8 at the Inner Layby and enhancements to the area's paving and lighting, we proceeded in 2022 with the demolition of Shed 7. 

    Read more

    This aged brick building was originally built in the 1960s, when cranes and forklifts were smaller and cargo was less bulky, so locating it near the quay edge was practical for efficient discharge and storage. However, with the latest advancements in mechanical plant technology, modern sheds are now ideally situated at the back of the terminals, providing optimal space and flexibility for land use along the quays.
    By resurfacing the wider area and installing additional modern LED lighting we have achieved improvements in operational safety due to better, clearer paved surfaces, more efficient use of space for operational activities, and increased flexibility for different cargoes and prospective tenants.

    Fishersgate Terminal South and Coast Protection 

To ensure the protection of our assets and maximise our land for the use of all our stakeholders, we continually take measures to address the environmental challenges of flooding and erosion met at our coastal Port. 2022 saw the completion of a three-year project to better protect our Fishersgate Terminal South compounds while reconfiguring the area for our operational tenants. 

    Read more

    To do this we used steel sheet piles from our long-term tenant and major importer, ArcelorMittal, to build a piled wall along Basin Road South. The wall has successfully secured this section of Basin Road South and has improved efficiency at the main Fishersgate Terminal due to the creation of a new compound for major tenant Barrett Steel, who are now using this area to store additional trailers.

The piled wall itself will form a part of the larger, long-term coast protection scheme from Brighton Marina to the River Adur. For this, it will have rocks placed in front and a capping on the wall, as well as new access stairs and a slipway at the eastern end. This, together with an enhanced combined footway/cycleway along the top of the wall, will significantly improve the public amenity of the beach and coastal path.
    Explore the Brighton & Hove Council virtual gallery to find out more. 

    Adur Dock Development

    Formally the site of an underutilised shed next to the Dry Dock, in 2022 we completed on the build of the Adur Dock development. We invested in constructing a multiuse building, consisting of a workshop, a commercial tenant office space, and our new café, Port Kitchen. The Port team were pleased to both welcome a new commercial tenant and launch Port Kitchen in the summer.

    Read more

    We have been delighted to receive huge levels of support and positive feedback for Port Kitchen from those who have visited us since our café opened in June 2022. Our team have worked tirelessly to create not only a welcoming and enjoyable environment but also to be the first café to have achieved the Gold Green Tourism accreditation demonstrating our commitment to sustainability.

    Shoreham Port Green Energy Hub 

    Progress continued throughout 2022 on the development of the Shoreham Port Green Energy Hub, which aims to be at the forefront of the regional hydrogen economy. A fantastic collaborative effort between four key partners comprising of H2 Green, Shoreham Port, Ricardo & Local Fuel, plus the continued liaison with our Local Authority neighbours, has refined the preliminary plans and designs towards the point where we’re ready to prepare for wider public consultation.

    Read more

    The momentum is building behind hydrogen as the answer for decarbonisation of heavy mobile plant and road-going vehicles. As technology advances on fuel cell production and integration, our pioneering project has the potential to make a significant contribution to decarbonising the region, creating more good quality local jobs, attracting investment, and improving air quality for all. We also welcome the government’s announcements that they are keen to promote more renewable energy generation.

    Our People and Culture

    The start of the year saw us open our doors to work alongside Grassroots Suicide Prevention in delivering mental health awareness training to colleagues across the Port. In the Autumn, we were the first UK Port to publicly commit to signing the Pregnancy Loss Pledge, a national campaign urging employers to support colleagues through the distress of miscarriage. Our application recognised that pregnancy loss is an issue that can impact any colleague, no matter their gender.

    In late 2022, we introduced a savvy healthcare cash plan, Simplyhealth, enabling colleagues to prioritise their health in the current cost-of-living crisis. Direct employment increased by 35 roles during the year, and we continue to be a signatory of the Brighton and Hove Living Wage Campaign.

    In October 2021 we launched our first Port wide Colleague Survey. Throughout 2022, we worked hard to action the themes from this survey including the introduction of the new Health & Safety Hub, greater team collaboration through job swaps and the delivery of an extraordinary cost-of-living pay award. We undertook an in-depth review of what flexibility means for a Port and how this translates to colleagues and our employee value proposition. The 2022 Colleague Survey showed improvements in key areas.

    Our people remain our most valuable asset. In early 2022, we formed a partnership with Whitehead Ross Education to enable all colleagues to access free funded training with several colleagues taking part in the Institute of Leadership & Management training courses.

    Our commitment to our local community remains steadfast. In 2022, for the first time since the pandemic, we welcomed back work experience students from local schools and took part in Career Fairs. Our relationship with the University of Sussex goes from strength to strength and we were delighted to host a team of MBA students for a project in Summer 2022. These projects promote the wide range of careers in Maritime, whilst bringing new ideas into the Port.

    Diversity and inclusion are weaved into all that we do. In May 2022 we launched our new hospitality venture, Port Kitchen, and aligned our recruitment processes with the ADHD Foundation and National Autistic Society, specifically recognising that people bringing different minds are an opportunity.

    Our commitment to improving our own gender pay gap continued with the mean hourly pay gap moving to -4.24% in favour of women. Our female representation increased to 21% which is better than Ports in general (17%, BPA Survey 2021) with a gender balanced Board.

    Engaging Our Community

    Underpinned by our values and Masterplan, we connect with and offer support to our community through a range of CSR activities, including partnerships, donations to local causes, colleagues volunteering their expertise for community projects, and charity fundraising days.

    We were pleased to host our Annual Public Meeting at Shoreham Academy for the first time in 2022. It was a fantastic opportunity to connect with members of our community, share updates from the Port, and hear valuable feedback. Many of the conversations focused on sustainability and we were encouraged by everyone’s shared passion for the environment. We were also able to reach a broader audience by hosting the event as a webinar the following day. In 2023 we look forward to reporting on several new projects, in particular the Shoreham Port Green Energy Hub and the progress we have made as an EcoPort – we hope to see you there.

    Community Partners

    Through the Port’s CSR programme, we have established strategic community partnerships with Shoreham Academy, Sussex Dolphin Project, Lancing Sea Scouts and Southeast Communities Rail Partnership. We look forward to continuing these collaborative partnerships in 2023, exploring new opportunities to work together and learn more about our partners’ ambitions.


    Our sustainability mission is urgent. We continue to embed our eight award-winning values into all aspects of our activity. It is through our value of Trusted Custodians that we challenge ourselves to think sustainably and ensure we hand the Port over to future generations better than we found it. In 2022 we were pleased to see positive progress in how we engaged our communities, fostered partnerships, reduced our impact, and moved closer to achieving our sustainability goals. To learn more about Sustainability at Shoreham Port, you can read our annually published Sustainability Report.

    2022 Sustainability Report 

    In September, we hosted our second Sustainability Week. From local business leaders to maritime experts, charities, academics, councillors, schools, and the nearby community, we opened our doors to over 300 people for a series of free events. Tickets are now live for Sustainability Week 2023 in early July - book now!

    Sustainability Week 2023

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