We offer seabed levelling, a modern-day dredging technique to ports and harbours. Each plough is fitted with teeth to cut into seabed material and is very efficient in moving materials such as clay, sand, silt and gravel over short distances. This essential work maintains level entrances and ensure that berths are kept at their chartered depths for smooth and safe navigation.

Our tug boats can be used alongside a trailer suction hopper dredger to improve the efficiency of the dredger and manage hard to reach areas. The peaks that the hopper dredger produce can be easily levelled by our tug boats; ensuring that the draghead is always fully in the bed material. The plough has also proven itself as an efficient dredging tool, cutting the amount of tides a trailer suction dredger is required.

We have two tug boats called Acamar and Adurni. Both are fitted with an impressive seven-tonne winch for plough-dredging and hydrographic survey equipment to monitor progress and survey the finished area if requested.