Harbour Dues

We would like to remind our leisure community that the following apply - if you have any queries on the below, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Public right of navigation is subject to the payment of harbour dues.
  • Harbour users are reminded that vessels are not permitted to use Shoreham Harbour without exhibiting a current valid harbour dues plaque indicating that harbour dues have been paid.
  • Harbour dues are deemed not to have been paid unless a plaque is displayed.

To pay your Harbour Dues you can pay via Bacs transfer as stated on your invoice, or you can contact Lady Bee Chandlery to pay with your card via telephone on 01273 591705

Locking guidance for small vessels

If you are a small vessel owner (please see our definition of small vessel here) please review this important information below:

  • The Prince George Lock is fitted with sector gates, which enables easier and faster passage for yachts, smaller commercial vessels and fishing boats.
  • The lock is available in the high and low water periods.
  • Departure times from the canal will be on the hour.
  • Entry times in to the canal will be at the half hour.
  • Note: The Green, white, green lock lights on the lock are not a confirmation of adequate depth of water over the cill for individual Small Vessels to enter or depart the lock. This should be calculated within the vessels' own passage plan.
  • Small craft when waiting for the Prince George Lock are allowed to wait on the outer lead-in and inner lead-in to the Prince George Lock but at all times must remain manned and ready to move.
  • The entry allowance for all vessels transiting through the Prince George Lock is the tidal height minus 0.25 metres equalling the vessels draft.

Note to visiting vessels:

Only visiting vessels who have prebooked a berth are permitted access through the locks into the marina. If your vessel is planning to visit Shoreham Port, please contact Lady Bee Chandlery on 01273 591705 prior to arrival.

Personal Watercraft users (PWC’s) - commonly known as Jet Ski's

PWC’s are fast and fun and are easily launched and manoeuvred on and off of the water. Their use is now an established form of water sport with a band of enthusiastic participants who enjoy the performance this kind of craft can provide. However, most PWC use takes place in the close inshore zone and harbours. This poses a management challenge to ensure PWC users can enjoy themselves without risking the safety and enjoyment of others. Shoreham Port Authority (SPA) considers that suitably experienced and trained PWC users pose a medium to low risk if used responsibly. We are working closely with Sussex Marine Water Sports Ltd. and The Harbour Club (SPA current designated launch sites) to manage these craft effectively.

PWC’s are only permitted to launch at designated launch sites and proceed directly to sea or from sea directly to the launch site.

PWC’s are not permitted to go up the Rive Adur west of The Harbour Club

The Master (rider) of a Personal Watercraft is required to:

  1. Launch only from sites designated by the Harbour Master, and pay a fee to the site operator.
  2. Once a PWC has launched the Master of the PWC must proceed directly to sea outside the Port Limits, and whilst doing so, must comply with the rest of these Directions
  3. On re-entry to the Port Limits the Master of the PWC must proceed directly to a PWC Launch Site, and whilst doing so, must comply with the rest of these Directions.
  4. Be at least 16 years old.
  5. To be in possession of a Royal Yachting Association (RYA) recognised PWC qualification. 
  6. Hold third party liability insurance of at least £2 million.
  7. Report any incident to the Harbour Master, whether directly involved or witnessed. 
  8. Where safe to do so, navigate straight to sea and not up river as per the attached diagrams for The Harbour Club and Sussex Marine Watersports
  9. Obey all Harbour Byelaws, General Directions, SOLAS requirements & Collision Regulations, ensuring they navigate and manoeuvre in a safe and courteous manor. 
  10. Assist the Harbour Master and his representatives in the investigation of any incident within the Harbour or approaches.

An information leaflet has been developed in conjunction with Brighton and Hove and Adur and Worthing Councils to assist users of PWCs to enjoy their experience and behave in a safe and responsible manner. It is available for download here