SHACO has an annual membership scheme of £65 available. Please message SHACO via their public Facebook page for all enquiries about membership including night-time fishing. There is no contact number for SHACO - the group is contactable only via their Facebook page.

Angling heritage

Our fishing heritage goes back to our inception, with generations of anglers enjoying the opportunity to get outdoors, be active, enjoy the natural environment around them and have fun. Today, our valued fishing community continue to contribute to our vibrant mix of Port users, and we are delighted to carry on supporting them while offering guidance on safe practices and regulations.

Shoreham Harbour Arms Community (SHACO)

Shoreham Harbour Arms Community Organisation (SHACO) manage the Harbour Arms on our behalf. SHACO is a not for profit organisation and has taken over the management of our East & West Arms. Day time fishing is open to general public (Rod fees apply), but due to a hazard to navigation regarding light pollution any person wishing to fish at night (8pm to 8am between May 1st and 1st September) should contact SHACO.