17 March 2017

This week Sam Murray from Shoreham College carried out his work experience week at Shoreham Port. Sam is in year 10 and has a keen interest in engineering and was excited to learn more about the industry and engineering in ports, as well as learning about other aspects of the business.

Sam started his week with the Property Department, enjoying a comprehensive tour of the Port and its main tenant buildings. On Tuesday, Sam spent the entire day with the Engineering team, mostly in the Pump House watching as members of the team carried out essential maintenance to the impounding pumps and surrounding areas.

Rhys Hutchings, Senior Engineering Manager at Shoreham Port commented “Sam showed great interest in the work undertaken within the Engineering Team and particularly that associated with the various mechanical and electrical elements that form part of the Port’s critical infrastructure. He met with our Engineering Apprentices past and present and discussed the works that they undertake as well as possible routes into the industry. We hope that his short visit with us has helped to inspire him to continue to fulfil his ambition of becoming a Mechanical Engineer.”

On Wednesday, Sam spent the day within the Operations Division, spending the morning on the terminals with the dockworkers and supervisors, and the afternoon with the administration team. Sam was able to climb up into two of the Port’s Sennebogen cranes and learn about the discharging and loading of vessels.

Sam commented “The cranes felt very high, fortunately I am not too phased by heights! I was really surprised when the cranes raised up even higher when we had climbed inside the cabs. It was really interesting seeing the commercial vessels, they are so much deeper than you realise when you are looking at the from the quay edge. It was funny still seeing snow on some of the crates from their previous destination.”

Sam also visited many areas of the Port with Tony Oliver, General Manager Operations. Tony and Sam walked through the various warehouses and up to Harbour Radio. Sam couldn’t believe how complex it is operating the lock gates and was amazed by the amount of navigational equipment and technology used.

Sam added “I’d like to say thank you to everyone at Shoreham Port for a fantastic week, it has gone so quickly. Everyone has been really friendly and I now know for certain that engineering is a career I would like to pursue in the future.”

Nicky Goldsbrough, Corporate Services Manager said “It has been a pleasure to have Sam with us this week and we are pleased he has found his time here so interesting and enjoyable. Providing opportunities for people to gain work experience is absolutely crucial to enable them to make informed decisions about their career choices. Every year we offer work experience placements out to local schools and find ways to invite students into their local port.”