30 November 2012

Since the launch of Shoreham Port’s Community Art Competition in April, the Port has been inundated with entries of all shapes and sizes based around the theme of ‘Shoreham Port’. Shoreham Port has received a magnitude of different art forms from water colour and oil paintings, to collages and triptych canvas. The Port was immensely impressed by the quality and professionalism of the entries.

Shoreham Port has been working in partnership with Southern Rail on a station enhancement scheme to improve Southwick Station for the benefit of the local community and Southern Rail passengers. Both parties felt that showcasing local artwork within the station would be a perfect way to do this, adding warmth and identity to the station. The winning artwork will be installed at Southwick Station shortly.

The very deserving winner was Alan Warren with his striking pastel painting of the Port’s dry dock in operation. The aim of the competition was to embrace the artistic spirit of the community surrounding the Port and with this in mind the panel of judges agreed that Alan’s painting would add vibrant colour and character to its new home at Southwick Station. Alan Warren commented “I am a compulsive artist and continuously turn out paintings, the quality of which is an unknown. This award gives me quite a lift and it is good to feel that someone out there appreciates the work. It is an honour that it will be displayed at Southwick Station.”

Caroline Shaw was awarded second prize in the competition for her photographic collage of the Port and said “my inspiration came mostly from my enjoyment of photographing the Port. I especially like seeing the variety of wildlife the Port has to offer, as well as the industrial side of the business. I wanted to represent the diversity of Shoreham Port through photography and creating a collage was the perfect way for me to do so.

“The gold circle surrounding the collage represents a Port hole, as if you were looking out over the Port through a window on a boat. I was so surprised to hear that I had come second in the competition. I am chuffed to bits that my art will be displayed in Southwick Station and cannot wait to go on my Port Tour.”

Anne Light was awarded third place in the competition and commented “my inspiration for the painting came from one night at the beginning of the summer, when I noticed a vessel entering the harbour mouth. The sky was a stunning scarlet colour and the silhouettes of the surrounding area really stood out. This was a great painting opportunity. We use the Harbour a lot and moor our own boat at the Port’s Riverside Yard.

I love being down at the Port and seeing the fantastic variety of boats that sail through it. It is always an interesting place to be. I am so pleased that Shoreham Port has run this competition; it has showcased local artistic talent and given a real boost to the community. It is lovely receiving appreciation for my work and I am really looking forward to seeing it displayed at Southwick Station.”

Rodney Lunn, Chief Executive said “we would like to congratulate the well deserved winners! Their artwork truly captures the intricacy involved in running a Port and also provides a visual showcase of colour. Thank you to everyone who entered, it was a joy to look at such a wide range of high quality artwork.”