12 March 2013

Staff at Shoreham Port have braved the weather to ensure the Port remained open for business, despite the consistent snow falling last night and this morning. Members of the Marine, Engineering and Operation’s team have worked hard to clear all Port operational areas, not only allowing vessels to continue their journey into the Port safely, but also for the hauliers to take the cargo to their inland destinations.

The public use the access over the lock gates at all times of the day, and our teams quickly cleared the snow and put down salt, to ensure a safe walk way was maintained.

Although many cars came to a standstill last night and this morning, vessels continued to sail towards the Port. Depending on the size of the vessel, a number of different personal are needed to assist a ship through the lock gates and into the Port.

Many of the Port’s staff live locally, and were therefore able to keep the Port operational at all times. A team effort is needed when a ship arrives from the Pilot being taken out to the ship to guide her in, to the coxains manning the pilot boat, the Lock Master providing information, and linesmen and a huffler to secure the vessel once in position. The vessel will then moor up at one of the terminal areas where they will be met by a team of stevedores ready to discharge her cargo.

Julian Seaman, Harbour Master at Shoreham Port commented “As soon as we programmed the tide this morning, all measures were taken to ensure the safe arrival for all vessels. It is paramount that our customers are looked after and that their vessels can enter the Port if safe to do so. It is thanks to our dedicated and professional team that this is possible.”