1 February 2013

2013 is set to be an exciting year for diversification of cargo imports and exports at Shoreham Port. Silica Developments Ltd (SDL) have selected Shoreham Port to handle the export of crushed glass to European markets. SDL provide sustainable solutions for the recycling sector by bringing together both the waste and construction industries. Shoreham Port has the appropriate bunded storage area and cranes to handle the cargo in an efficient manner.

Peter Hillier, SDL Director commented "The facilities at Shoreham Port are first class and the help given by Alan Motterham and his team made the decision to use Shoreham Port an easy one. This opportunity has great potential, with initial forecasts showing the quantity of material being exported will double in 2014 (when compared with current 2013 estimates), and again in 2015.”

Alan Motterham, Commercial and Operations Director at Shoreham Port added “We are pleased that SDL chose Shoreham Port to be part of their logistics for handling recycled waste glass. The Port handles cargoes such as Timber, Steel, Fertilisers and Aggregates and is seeing more and more activity in the recycled goods sector. As an EcoPort, Shoreham is committed to improving its impact on the environment. Joining forces with Silica Development Ltd was a fantastic opportunity to support recycling on a large scale and encourage further business of this kind for the future.”

If you would like further information on services and facilities available at Shoreham Port please call 01273 598100 or visit www.shoreham-port.co.uk