30 September 2011

Shoreham Port has a large and diverse number of stakeholders that have an interest in the Port. There are over 500 leisure users based at Shoreham Port, so access to facilities and waterfront amenities is a key requirement. However unfortunately last week Shoreham Port found itself under siege from 8 tonnes of seaweed!

Over the last few weeks a combination of winter storms and spring tides has caused an unusually large quantity of spaghetti like seaweed, known as ‘Bootlace Weed’ to drift to Shoreham Port. The weed originates from further west along the coast, and the tidal currents have dragged the seaweed into the popular waterways of the Port. The weed accumulated around the PG lock area and up the River Adur, restricting access for leisure users. 

Shoreham Port’s Harbour Master, Julian Seaman responded quickly and arranged for Valkyrie Diving to remove the troublesome weed. Valkyrie Diving is a local diving firm with a wealth of experience. They spent two days thoroughly clearing the weed away to restore the waterways.

Alan Minter, Valkyrie Diving commented that “we have worked and operated out of Shoreham Port on many occasions and we were pleased to have the opportunity to work for them again”.

Julian Seaman, Harbour Master said that “our leisure users are a valued stakeholder and we are committed to ensuring navigational safety within the port. We strive to provide a safe, clean environment for all stakeholders to operate out of”.

For more information on Valkyrie Diving and the services they provide please visit their website - www.valkyriediving.com