7 June 2019

Members of the Shoreham Port team have been working hard to achieve their First Aid qualifications this week. First Aid is a core skill that the Port encourages all staff to develop, with well over 90% of the Port’s workforce now trained in either Emergency First Aid Training or First Aid at Work Training.

Certified by the Royal Life Saving Society, the training was delivered by skilled First Aid Instructor Eddie Seaborne MBE from St Vincent College. Well over 90% of Port staff are now qualified to deliver immediate assistance to someone in need, this number also includes staff who have received special training for high-risk activity areas.

All the Port’s qualified first aiders are trained to administer CPR and treat burns and wounds, as well as use a defibrillator in the case of an emergency. There are currently seven Automatic External Defibrillators (AED’s) installed across the Port, placed strategically across the area to ensure that they are accessible during an emergency. The Port has also confirmed that they have had authorisation to purchase two more defibrillators in September this year that will be installed in two of the Port’s business units, Waterside House & the Lady Bee Enterprise Centre.

The Port have also recently agreed to extend their investment in essential AED equipment to the local area, having donated £625 to fund the purchase of a defibrillator machine and cabinet in Fishersgate Park, with further details of the installation date due later in the summer.

Paul Johnson, Director of Compliance commented “First aid is vital within the workplace, particularly somewhere as dynamic and diverse as Shoreham Port. By training our staff we ensure that they have the confidence and tools to assist someone under their duty of care, which is not only an essential professional skill, but a life skill that can be applied anywhere.

“It is paramount that we prepare for all eventualities and our commitment to the safety and care of our stakeholders, customers and visitors remains at the heart of all that we do at Shoreham Port.”

Kate Tyrer, Communications Executive who took part in this week’s training, commented “I found my Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work training this week absolutely invaluable; as someone who hasn’t learnt how to administer CPR or use an AED before, I am very thankful to have the support of  my workplace to gain a skill that ultimately everyone should have. While I hope I never have to use my new skills, I feel safer in the knowledge that I am qualified to deliver emergency assistance that could really make a difference.”

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