6 January 2012

Shoreham Port is currently working on the installation of a new Marina Management System to improve its customer service to the Leisure Sector.

The new software is a state-of-the-art system specially designed around the marine industry and will give both the Marine & Accounts Departments better control over marina operations and improve the process of payment and handling of enquiries. The product meets a wide range of Shoreham Port’s requirements including quick & easy access to all client data by name of client, boat, account code and berth location within the harbour limits. The ground-breaking graphics module will enable Shoreham Port to pin point any vessel wherever it may be berthed and all lock operations will be fully logged, thus ensuring all customer enquiries can be handled quickly and efficiently.

Shoreham Port would like this to be fully embedded before issuing invoices for Harbour Dues & Mooring Fees for 2012. Therefore, they will not be issuing any invoices until February 2012 and their normal payment terms of 30 days will apply from the date they are issued. Any Leisure Craft users wishing to pay their annual Harbour Dues for 2012 may still do so prior to receipt of their invoice. 

Julian Seaman, Harbour Master said “A huge amount of hard work has been completed since our annual census of leisure craft was carried out last summer to ensure the leisure vessel records are completely up to date. This is a huge step forward for Shoreham Port and the new Marina Management System will enable us to provide a better service to our leisure uses."

If you have any questions about Harbour Dues please contact Shoreham Port on 01273 598100.