31 January 2020

Being a Port that is perfectly positioned for short-sea shipping, Shoreham Port often manages cargos from countries across Europe, as well as those closer to home such as Scotland and Ireland. This month saw a variety of cargos enter the Port, and whilst Shoreham Port is renowned for its timber handling expertise, their multi skilled team handled a variety of commodities, with other key cargos ranging from aggregates, bulks and glass, as well as steel, petroleum, woodchip and cereals. 

A variety of different types of timber are imported through the Port, mainly used for the construction industry in the key hinterlands of London and the South East. Shoreham Port’s unique timber stock management system enables them to optimise the management of stock through the Port.

Shoreham Port regularly welcome cargo vessel calls from Sweden, Latvia and Finland, such as the vessel Ernst Hagedorn, which entered the Port this week to unload around 5,200m3 of sawn timber. This shipment departed from the Southern Swedish port of Kalmar.

Meanwhile, cereals have also been a popular cargo at the Port this month, with the Port’s pilots navigating many vessels to the berth at Brighton Terminal Silos to be loaded. A few of the recent shipments include oats, which was for Montrose, Scotland, barley travelling to Coruna in Spain, and a load of malting barley for the Port of Dordrecht, Netherlands, which will be shipped off elsewhere to be made into beer.

Steel, which is often discharged and sent off for use in construction, as well as in embankments and flood defence, continues to enter the Port, such as steel sheet pilings that were brought into the Port on the vessel Fast Sam this week. This ship came from Szczecin, Poland’s busiest port. Despite the rainy January weather, the cargo was safely unloaded by Shoreham Port’s Operations team quickly and efficiently, with discharge taking two working days.

Samantha Woskett, Head of Customer Relations & Logistics commented “Shoreham Port is strategically placed to service the UK’s busiest markets and beyond.  Our customers can rely on our exemplary cargo management and handling skills to fulfil their business commitments to a high standard. We continue to work with and progress alongside our customers, adapting to any cargo or economic developments.

At Shoreham we handle and store a wide variety of cargoes, each with their own unique set of requirements, managed safely and efficiently by our dynamic and skilled workforce.  With the drive on coastal shipping within the UK and Ireland set for 2020 and beyond, Shoreham is actively involved in championing a more sustainable and energy-efficient way for cargoes to transit within coastal waters, with a focus on building relationships with new customers and their cargoes and challenging traditional cargo transit routes.”

Learn more about our cargo handling services via our website here or get in touch with us for further details.

Category: Maritime

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