19 March 2018

Last week Shoreham Port welcomed Chloe Nisbet from Davidson CE High School in Worthing for four days of work experience, with a focus on learning about marketing and communications at the Port.

Chloe started her week learning about how Shoreham Port operates, observing the different areas of the business and seeing how each department is run. This enabled Chloe to gain an insight into how marketing and communications then plays its role in supporting all areas of the business.

This was followed by an afternoon with the Property Department, enjoying a comprehensive tour of the Port and its main tenanted buildings, gaining access to sites usually off limits to the public. Chloe also spent time with the Operations Division where she was able to climb up into one of the Port’s Sennebogen cranes and learn about the discharging and loading of vessels.

Chloe then spent the remainder of the week with the Marketing team learning about the many different activities which take place within this function. Chloe undertook research projects including learning about women in the maritime industry and how to use Google Analytics for business.

Chloe observed the Marketing team’s use of social media and spent time learning about the importance of social media for business and the main reasons companies use social media to engage with their stakeholders. Chloe was then set to work designing an appealing social media poster for use on the Port’s internal notice boards.

Chloe commented “I have had a great week at Shoreham Port, it was interesting for me to find out about the amount of jobs there can be in just one business! The Port is something you may know of but have no idea about, which was the same for me at the start of this week. From just a few days I have learnt a lot about the marketing and operational areas of the business and it really makes you realise what an impact Shoreham Port has on the rest of Shoreham and the surrounding areas. I have really enjoyed working with the people in the Marketing office and have learnt a lot about how to use social media within the organisation. I will definitely be using these skills in future.”

Georgia Ellis, Marketing & Communications Executive at Shoreham Port commented “It has been brilliant to have Chloe with us this week and we are pleased she has found her time here so interesting and enjoyable. Chloe has a real interest in marketing and has been enthusiastic and eager to learn which is fantastic.”

Category: Community

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