22 February 2019

Since the creation of the Women in Maritime Taskforce in 2018, when the maritime industry was called to action over gender diversity, over 100 companies have signed a pledge designed to signal intent and commitment to change. 

In September, the Women in Maritime Taskforce launched a Charter, designed to create a framework to challenge companies to make progress on gender diversity. The Charter requires companies to examine their workforce, identify key and relevant aims for the future and then address those in an ‘action plan’. The action plan will set out individual targets, which will be realised through the help of a suite of ‘toolkits’ or resources, provided by the Charter.

The Taskforce was seeking volunteer companies to pilot the Charter, to ensure that it is robust and scalable when the many maritime businesses that have pledged to change embark on their individual journeys. Shoreham Port signed up as Charter pilot, alongside three other contrasting volunteer companies, including a small marine engineering firm, a corporate law firm and a Nautical College.

This week, the Port was delighted to welcome their Charter Adviser, Janet Porter to Shoreham to share their action plan with her. The Ports Director of Corporate Services, Nicky Goldsbrough and Janet Porter discussed the Port’s targets for the future, reviewing barriers, key challenges and where support from the Taskforce may be required.

Nicky said “Our action plan sets out ambitious plans for future and an unwavering commitment to gender equality, within the Port and within the industry as a whole. Our analysis has highlighted key areas of focus and also enabled us to take stock and celebrate areas of success. We have selected the most effective toolkits from the vast range provided to ensure we are successful in our mission – to be a leading example to others in the sector striving for an inclusive employment culture that inspires a productive, innovative and dynamic workforce.”

As a Charter pilot, the meeting also provided an opportunity for Shoreham Port to feedback and help shape the Charter for future companies, to ensure that it is user friendly and relevant to companies across the length and breadth of the maritime sector – both in size and function.

Janet, who chairs Lloyd’s List’s Editorial Board, commented that Shoreham Port was at the forefront of the campaign to achieve gender diversity in the workplace.

“This initiative has the full support of Shoreham Port’s Board and top management. Such commitment is absolutely essential if efforts to ensure women are, and continue to be, well represented throughout the company, are to succeed,” Janet said following her visit.

“Shoreham Port, which already has a good track record of employing of women at all levels of the business, is setting goals and targets that other companies should aspire to. I look forward to working with Nicky and the rest of the team to make sure the action plan produces some very tangible results in the months and years ahead.”

For more information about the Women in Maritime Charter or to sign the pledge, visit: https://www.maritimeuk.org/programmes/women-maritime/charter/.

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