24 April 2020

Employees across Shoreham Port took to their sewing machines this week to make flags and raise awareness for all key workers, including NHS staff and those #KeepingBritianSupplied - such as Port workers and seafarers.

For every flag made, the Port will donate to Captain Tom Moore’s fundraising efforts, a 99-year-old World War II veteran who has helped raise more than £28m for the NHS by walking laps of his back garden.

As an island nation, we are dependent on our ports and seafarers to keep the UK supplied with essential goods including food, medicine, fuel for emergency vehicles and essential building materials – such as those for emergency hospitals. As our nation fights the pandemic, our hidden maritime key workers are silently playing a vital role in keeping Britain supplied.

Each flag was handmade by a member of the Shoreham Port team or their family, with the creations being shared in a video on the Port’s social media during their weekly #ClapForOurCarers tribute on Thursday evening. Vessels could be heard sounding their horns, along with the nation’s applause at 8pm.  

Mark Hayes, Marine Operations Manager commented “The flag fundraiser was a great way to celebrate all our key workers and boost our spirits. I’m proud to work at the Port, alongside my colleagues who are doing all that they can to keep our nation afloat during this challenging time.”

Flags celebrated all key workers and featured rainbows, tributes to the NHS and even dolphins - inspired by an exciting dolphin sighting captured by a member of the Port’s Marine team earlier in the week.

Tom Willis, Chief Executive commented “Thank you to our team for their amazing response to our flag fundraiser in aid of Captain Tom Moore’s NHS appeal. I would also like to thank those colleagues who have volunteered to assist vulnerable members of our community during the pandemic by delivering food shopping and dog walking.”

Tom continued “I appreciate many of our seafarers are miles from home, while our Port workers are busy 24/7 ensuring essential supplies reach communities across the country - your extra efforts are greatly appreciated, as are those of all our heroic doctors and nurses throughout the National Health Service. As Captain Tom More said, we will get through this and come out stronger, more united and ready to face any challenge together.” 

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