19 October 2011

Shoreham Port is working towards diversifying its cargo base, and has secured the opportunity to import another new cargo. Last week Shoreham Port took delivery of over 1,000 tonnes of Legio Blocks. Legio Blocks are a highly adaptable building block capable of providing infinite structural solutions.

Out of the 521 Legio Blocks discharged Shoreham Port retained 405 Blocks for terminal developments around the Port. The Legio Blocks, which resemble the toy Lego (but on a much larger scale!) can be arranged to suit specific designs and requirements. Shoreham Port has expanded its bulk storage facility by constructing an additional two bund walls, which will generate more space to store bulk cargoes. An advantage to using the blocks is that they can be moved and rebuilt in other locations to suit Shoreham Port’s storage requirements.

Shoreham Port plans to import Legio Blocks on a regular basis for distribution throughout the South of England. Alan Motterham, Commercial and Operations Director said “We aim to provide a first class service to our customers and are committed to developing our infrastructure and facilities in a commercially economic and efficient way”.