20 March 2020

As a Trust Port, Shoreham Port aims to support their stakeholders and give back to the local community that it serves, often providing time and resources to local causes that align with their Trust Port status and values.   

Alongside following the latest government advice to protect Port employees, considered essential in supporting local transport of goods, the Port also responded swiftly to the Covid-19 pandemic by putting together a range of measures to support individuals living locally who may be affected by the virus.

The Port has addressed four main areas within their Covid-19 Pandemic Response - although they will ensure their response remains flexible as the situation develops. The first, and most important action taken by the Port was to increase cleaning regimes across their entire estate, with additional sanitation points provided following the NHS advice about increased hand washing to combat the spread of germs.

Shoreham pride themselves on being a responsible and fair landlord, willing to be flexible for their tenants who do so much to enrich the local community. Therefore, they have reassured their suppliers that all payments will be made punctually and promised to work closely with any of their small business tenants who might struggle with rents as a result of the pandemic.

Shoreham Port also reached out to vulnerable local people in need of urgent prescriptions or supplies and advised them to get in touch if they require any help during the crisis.

Tom Willis, Chief Executive commented “We have put together a package of measures alongside government advice to support our tenants and our local community in light of the ongoing escalation of Covid-19. This includes an increased cleaning regime across the Port’s estate as well as offering to help vulnerable local people in urgent need of prescriptions or supplies - please do contact us and let us know if we can help.”

Emily Kenneally, Communications & Stakeholder Manager continued “We’ve had a really good response from members of our community following the announcement of our Covid-19 Pandemic measures. We are actively sharing helpful information via our social media channels and will share further information on our website in the coming weeks, as well as and engaging with local Mutual Aid Groups to offer our support where we can.”

To contact Shoreham Port or for any queries on their Covid-19 Pandemic Response please email info@shoreham-port.co.uk or call them on 01273 598100, Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.

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