25 May 2012

Shoreham Port has presented two twenty-year Long Service Awards this week in recognition of the long-term loyalty, service and commitment of their staff. Gary Bedson and Bob Weaver have worked for Shoreham Port’s Operations Division since 1992.

Bob Weaver, Dockworker said “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working at the Port. The team that I work with make it such a great place to work.” Garry Bedson, Dockworker Commented “I have grown up in the local area and enjoyed watching the Port grow over the years. The Port is thriving and I take great pride being a part of that.”

Shoreham Port operates a Long Service Award Scheme which awards employees after twenty, thirty and forty years. The Port has excellent levels of staff retention and in the last ten years alone there have been two forty year service awards, four thirty year service awards and eight twenty year service awards, plus the current two twenty year service awards. Out of those, two of the thirty year service employees and ten of the twenty year service employees (including the current two) are still working at Shoreham Port!

At 31 December 2011, the average length of service of all of the Port’s employees was eight years in the range of one month to thirty five years. This illustrates the excellent relations between the Port and their staff and their ability to sustain a positive working environment that encourages long-term loyalty from their staff.

Rodney Lunn, Chief Executive said “Our employees are one of our greatest assets and we are delighted to reward those that have been committed to the Port and shown considerable loyalty. Gary and Bob have made a significant contribution to the Port and I am delighted to acknowledge their hard work and commitment.”