6 January 2022

We are delighted to announce some exciting changes to our Board as we welcome the arrival of two new Non-Executive Directors; Louisa Cilenti and Darran Messem, as well as a new Deputy Chair appointment. The two new members bring expertise from sustainability and transport industries which will be invaluable to us as we move forwards with our renewable green energy hub at Shoreham Port. We also bid farewell to two board members who have completed their tenure at the Port.

Louisa Cilenti specialises in clean energy financing and sustainable investment and is a recognised leading lawyer in the renewables sector. Louisa has worked for many years with organisations of all sizes to advance their sustainability goals through developing cutting-edge green solutions and innovative business models. She is one of the founders of Lux Nova Partners, a boutique law firm with a sole focus on the renewable energy industry and clean tech innovation, supporting an inclusive and impact-led transition to a decarbonised economy.

Louisa commented “I am delighted to be joining the Board at Shoreham Port at this exciting time. The Port has a unique history and place in its community and holds a distinctive position at the intersection between the maritime and green economies. They have a strong vision for the green energy hub, which stands to make a significant contribution to achieving the net zero ambitions across Southeast England. The Port has a deep appreciation of the part a local community plays in taking effective climate action and of the importance of engaging people in the vital work needed to support local economic prosperity. I look forward to supporting the Port in implementing its plans to put sustainability at the centre of the regional economy and collective future.”

Darran Messem is a consultant and Non-Executive Director focused on energy, transport and sustainable development. Most of Darran’s career has been at the interface of transport and sustainable development, and he has worked on the development of biofuel and hydrogen, investment in wind and solar energy, adoption of electric vehicles, and initiatives to encourage company and consumer engagement in decarbonisation, renewables, climate change, waste management, water conservation and air quality.

Darran commented “I'm delighted to be joining the Board at Shoreham Port. Shoreham Port has long been a vital part of the UK’s transport infrastructure and construction supply chain and is at the forefront of sustainable development in these areas with their wind turbines, energy-efficient new buildings, lower-emission vehicles, and supportive approach to the local community and biodiversity. Their upcoming hydrogen hub will be an exciting addition to this. I’m looking forward to helping the Port secure its place in the vibrant and sustainable regional and national economy that we are all hoping for.”

In addition to these new members, Mark Lemmon who has been a member of our board for three years, has been appointed as Deputy Chair. On his new role he commented "Having completed my first three years on Shoreham Port’s Board, I have good knowledge and understanding of their business, people and stakeholder responsibilities. I strongly support the Port’s values and I am in full accord with its Masterplan aims. The Trusted Custodian value - to consider our impact, act sustainably and leave the Port better than they found it, is shared by everyone. I believe the Deputy Chair role gives me a special opportunity to make a material contribution towards the continuation of this value."

We are also bidding farewell to Trevor Giddings who has had a seven year tenure on our Board, and John Headley who has been with us for five years. Trevor Giddings said “It has been a real privilege to work with such a dedicated team of people at Shoreham Port over the last seven years. Their commitment not only to the day-to-day operations of a busy Port, but to its long-term future in the heart of the community, has been an inspiration. All who live in the region should be very grateful that the future of this Sussex jewel is in very safe hands.” John Headley commented “I have really enjoyed serving on the Board for the last five years and look forward to seeing the continued success of the Port in the future.”

Amber Foster, Chair of Shoreham Port’s Board commented “On behalf of the Board I extend a very warm welcome to Louisa and Darran. Louisa’s strong legal background in clean energy, and community energy projects, and Darran’s extensive experience in green energy, transport and transformation will help push Shoreham Port to be better and stronger, as well as much bolder in our ambitions.

Amber continued “Furthermore, I would like to congratulate Mark on his new position as Deputy Chair; I look forward to continuing working with Mark and have every confidence that he will enable us to take the Port to new heights. Finally, I would like to thank Trevor and John for their contribution to the Port as Non-Executive Directors. Trevor, as Deputy Chair, and John as Chair of Audit and Finance have made valued contributions to our Board, both striving to fulfil their trusted custodianship of the Port and pass it on to future generations in a better state”.

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