20 June 2014

What better way to enjoy the sunshine than out on a tug boat taking a ride down the canal at Shoreham Port. For the last few years, Ringmer Adult Education have enjoyed their summer visit to Shoreham, taking in the sights and sounds of the Port and meeting members of the team.

Last week the group returned and embarked on another trip on the Port’s tug Adurni. Steered by a member of Ringmer Adult Education and assisted by Daren Todman, Deputy Tug Master at Shoreham Port, the group set sail down the canal passing a number of large commercial vessels on the way. Situated on the centre of the canal the group were perfectly placed to watch Shoreham Port’s Operations Division unload a variety of different cargoes from woodchip to steel.

Andy Movzett from Ringmer Adult Education commented “Thank you for what has become an annual visit to the Port for us. It is the highlight of the transport group’s calendar. It gives the group a fantastic opportunity to ride on a real working tug boat and see all of the different activities happening around the Port. 

Andy continued “Our sincere thanks to Darren, Lee and James for organising the trip. It is all the group have been talking about since we got home!”

As a trust port, Shoreham has a strong commitment to supporting their local community whether this is through charitable donations, presentations or port tours. The team at Shoreham are busy throughout the year sharing their knowledge of the Port and welcoming new visitors to the area.

Katie Orchin, Communications Assistant at Shoreham Port added “It is wonderful having groups like Ringmer Adult Education visit the Port and hear about how much they have enjoyed their trip. Being such a unique environment, Shoreham Port is a great place to visit and from first-hand experience I can confidently say that no two days are ever the same! We very much look forward to seeing Ringmer again next year.”

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