6 March 2014

Shoreham Port has worked in partnership with Edgeley Green Power to develop plans for the installation of a new renewable combined heat and power generating facility. Planning permission for the facility has now been granted by Adur District Council. It will be constructed at Shoreham Port’s Fishersgate Terminal and is expected to generate approximately 32 megawatts of renewable energy, which is enough to power 18,000 homes.

Edgeley Green Power will pay for air quality monitoring in the area and will recycle the excess heat generated by the new power station by diverting it for use by nearby businesses. Edgeley will also provide an apprenticeship scheme for a school leaver once the site becomes operational. The electricity will be distributed through the local power grid at Fishersgate sub-station.

Mike Reynolds, Chief Executive of Edgeley Green Power commented “We are very pleased to have received the decision notice from the local authority which means we can now progress with the construction of our £20m power station. We will be carrying out the site surveys shortly and plan to start the building works by the end of this year. We aim to be fully operational by the end of 2015.”

Shoreham Port is continuing to grow and this project is just the next in a long line of exciting developments on the Port. Not only will Edgeley Green Power increase shipping they will also significantly contribute to the employment target for the Port by creating an additional 20 permanent jobs with an estimated 70 temporary jobs during the construction phase.

As an eco-port Shoreham is fully committed to reducing its environmental impact and to help towards national carbon reduction targets. Edgeley will have the first ever “green” lease on the Port, which encourages them to manage their site sustainably such as using grey water and LED lighting.

Peter Davies, Development Director at Shoreham Port commented “We are pleased the planning consent has now been issued allowing the project to go ahead. It will be a very good use of the Port with the fuel coming in by ship and it fits very well with our ambition for Shoreham Port to become a major centre for renewable energy.”