2 March 2012

Fire fighters from West and East Sussex fire and rescue services were called to the gas suppression plant next to Shoreham Power Station last night to control a fire. The fire was in the roof space of the auxiliary building and did not affect the power station's main turbine generator hall. Everyone in the building was accounted for and there were no injuries or loss of power to anyone in the area.

Shoreham Port responded quickly and supported the emergency services by moving ships and fishing vessels out of harms way, as well as closing down the lock crossing area and Basin Road South. The Port’s emergency response plans worked extremely well and the Harbour Master Julian Seamen coordinated with all the stakeholders.

Rodney Lunn, Chief Executive said “ we regularly hold emergency exercises with all the rescue services for this type of event, and I am extremely pleased how the Harbour Master and all staff responded so quickly and professionally to prevent any damage spreading to the ships or fishing vessels moored alongside the quay. The fire was nowhere near any of our timber cargoes, wood biomass or other cargoes”.

Ship movements were suspended for a few hours, and just around midnight this was lifted and the Port made fully operational again.

For more information please call 01273 598100.