13 July 2012


the success of last week’s Annual Public Meeting, Shoreham Port extended an

invitation for current tenants and held its first ever tenants meeting. In an

effort to remain an open and transparent Port, the meeting provided an

opportunity for tenants to voice their issues and learn more about present and

future developments happening in the years ahead.

With an impressive turnout, the discussion acted as a trial

run for future meetings that will now be held on a bi-annual basis. A range of

issues were reviewed from planned developments, safety and well-being around

the Port and an introduction and round-up from Chief Executive, Rodney Lunn.

Paul Johnson, Safety and HR Director, said “it was important to share common

safe practices by combining training opportunities between the Port and its

tenants, and utilising Shoreham Port’s expertise and professional advice”.

Shoreham Port prides itself in delivering excellence and maintaining

clear communication channels with all port users and tenants. Tim Hague, the

Port’s Property Manager said “it was a great chance for tenants to ask

questions, meet each other and to become part of the Port’s decisions”.

Shoreham Port‘s broad range of tenants make up a variety of

industries and professions. John Shouler from Tongue Tied, a translation

service based in the Hove Enterprise building, said “the meeting was very

informative and I learnt things about the Port I never knew, an event

definitely worth having every 6 months”.

For further information about tenancy options please contact

Tim Hague on 01273 598 122 or thague@shoreham-port.co.uk

or visit our current vacancy list by clicking here.