24 September 2015

The 12th edition of Shoreham Port’s bi-annual newsletter PORTlife has been published today. This popular newsletter is enjoyed by a range of stakeholders, including local residents, commercial tenants, port users and customers.

You will notice that the Port has adopted a slightly different style for PORTlife 12. The focus has been to develop a newsletter that is even more engaging, easy to read and informative.

With a range of infographics and highlights from the past six months, PORTlife is the ideal newsletter to read on the go. All of the newsletters are available to download from the website at www.shoreham-port.co.uk/PORTlife-Newsletters

Hard copies can also be collected from the Port’s main office and Nautilus House. Alternatively you can sign up to the mailing, just call 01273 598100 or email info@shoreham-port.co.uk to ensure you receive the newsletter and other publications when they are released.

Katie Orchin, Marketing & Communications Executive at Shoreham Port commented “We have been really excited about the arrival of PORTlife 12. We have been working hard to think of ways that we can develop and improve the newsletter for the benefit of our readers. I especially love the new ‘Engineering Explained’ feature.”

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