14 August 2015

This week we saw the arrival of the MV Hebridean Princess into Shoreham Port, operated by Hebridean Island Cruises. Despite the torrential rain and thunder on arrival the stay ran smoothly and successfully for everyone, with the sun finally coming out later in the day.

The vessel has a long and interesting history in a variety of capacities and gained a lot of attention on arrival. The Hebridean is the first cruise vessel to enter the Port and marks the start of an exciting area of business. Built in 1964 the vessel measures 71 metres in length and 3 metres in draft, started life as a car ferry and royal mail ship, before being converted to a luxury cruise ship in 1989. The Hebridean has also been chartered by the Queen on a number of occasions in the absence of the Royal Yacht.

The luxury cruise liner carries fifty guests alongside a dedicated crew of thirty eight making the cruise experience spacious and elegant for all guests. With a home port of Oban the vessel sails mainly around the Scottish Isles and UK, with the occasional visits to Scandinavia and North Europe. The Hebridean provides guests with unique and varied views throughout the cruise given her size and ability to sail into special places not usually used by larger cruise ships.

Shoreham was chosen as the port of call for the logistical ease of access on and off the vessel at the Inner Layby terminal in the impounded basin, as well as being close to interesting local attractions of Brighton and Lewes.

James Gray, Assistant Harbour Master commented “The new experience of a cruise ship in Shoreham provided an opportunity to demonstrate our versatility in handling a wide range of vessels. The planning required for this vessel was meticulous and executed in a thoroughly professional manner with the ship departing on time from the port at 8.30pm”.