2 December 2015

BBC police drama ‘Cuffs’ first hit our screens on the 28th October. Based in Brighton, the new series has featured a number of iconic places including the Royal Pavilion, Sussex University, Brighton Pier, and in this week’s episode, Shoreham Port.

Cuffs is a police procedural series which depicts the lives of front line police officers within Brighton and the surrounding area of Sussex serving within the fictional South Sussex Police service.

The Port was approached by the director and producer of Cuffs at the beginning of the year. Director of Engineering, Tony Parker was only too pleased to show the crew around and after two visits they decided that Shoreham Port would be the perfect location to film one of their dramatic car chases.

Tony Parker commented “The writers and producers of the Cuffs series really loved the variety of settings that the Port gives. The combination of water, busy commerce, leisure boating and fishing seemed to offer great scope for a dramatic chase to fit into their story line. I gather the ‘Port’ episode is one of the best and I’m really looking forward to seeing it!”

Katie Orchin, Marketing and Communications Executive added “As a Trust Port we are always keen to assist businesses with an interest in the local area. We were happy to help the Cuffs team create some light entertainment for the local community to enjoy. The fictional police drama show cases some of the unique and interesting landmarks Sussex has to offer, whilst sparking the imagination of criminal activity.”

The Port is set to appear in tonight’s episode of the show on BBC 1 at 8pm. There will be a total of eight episodes, with the final episode airing on Wednesday 16th December.