13 January 2017

This week, Shoreham Port welcomed a group of people from Possability People to the Port as part of a new project called Recruit Ability. Possability People are a Brighton based charity set up in 1981 to support and involve disabled people to have equal rights, and a voice and control over issues affecting their lives. They provide services in Brighton, Hove and East and West Sussex.

In 2016 Possability People launched a new project called ‘Recruit Ability’ working with the Brighton Chamber of Commerce. Recruit Ability helps disabled people fulfil their potential and enhance the businesses that employ them. The project is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions.

The Recruit Ability project is designed to encourage businesses to offer work trials for disabled people, offering practical support to best accommodate a disabled person. With the right encouragement, Possability People believes that anyone can get and retain a job regardless of impairment.

As part of the Recruit Ability project, members of the group enjoyed a tour of the Port before practicing their interviews skills with Nicky Goldsbrough, Corporate Services Manager at Shoreham Port. Nicky commented “We had a great day working with Possability People and were so impressed by their positive attitude and outlook. They were very committed to getting back into work, which was evident from the effort that went into their mock interviews. We would urge other businesses to work with Possibility People to enable job seekers to have the opportunity to work and develop key skills.”

Angela Graham, Community Employment Facilitator at Possability People added “The group were all really enthusiastic about the tour, the opportunity to meet Shoreham Port staff and especially the mock interviews. The individual feedback was such a confidence boost for them and they found it really useful, something they can use now and in the future. I’d like to say a really big thank you to Shoreham Port and all of the staff involved for such an amazing day.”

If you would like to find out more about Possability People or how you can be involved in a Recruit Ability event please visit www.possabilitypeople.org.uk or call 01273 894040.

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