8 April 2016

Supporting stakeholders and providing opportunities for young people is important to Shoreham Port, as a Trust Port at the heart of its community. Recently Laura Clemente Campos has been welcomed to the Port, to complete an internship alongside studying for a Masters in Environment Assessment and Management at the University of Brighton. Laura has been given the opportunity to study areas of the Port to contribute towards her coursework and simultaneously produce an Ecology Plan for the Port to follow.

Graduating in 2012 from Valencia University with a degree in Environmental Sciences, Laura then moved straight to England to improve her English and broaden her international experiences. She started work in a laboratory in Reading where she was the Scientist’s Assistant in the National Water Quality Instrumentation System as part of the Environment Agency.

As the Port works closely with Brighton University, Laura was the ideal candidate for the placement opportunity, given her extensive level of understanding and experience of the environment. The Ecology Plan will contribute to the development of a deeper understanding of the environment and ways in which the Port can positively affect and change its approaches to the day to day running of their premises.

Laura commented “When the Port gave me the opportunity to work for them I had a look around the site and was fascinated by how many environmental projects they had developed.” The Ecology Plan Laura is currently working on will promote the restoration of areas with special ecological interest within the Port. This will have both environmental and social benefits whilst ensuring community engagement.

Laura added “I like the Port’s vision for the future, especially the objectives established in the environmental policy. For an industrial working site they have a very positive attitude to prevent, reduce and compensate for any impact they may make.” Once Laura has graduated she hopes to find an opportunity to work as an Environmental Consultant in the UK and to continue her professional development within this sector.

Peter Davies, Development Director at Shoreham Port commented “We would like to thank Laura for her hard work and the consideration that has gone into developing the Ecology Plan. It will help us with our understanding of the plants and animals that live here and show how we can protect the key wildlife habitats and green spaces at the same time as continuing to grow the Port”.