9 November 2018

On Sunday 4th November, nearly 20 volunteers took part in a litter pick on Silver Sands in Shoreham-by-Sea. The event was organised by local resident, Gwenn Parker-Trégoat who approached Shoreham Port for volunteers to assist with the litter pick. The volunteers included adults and children of all ages along with members of the Shoreham Port team.

The event brought local residents together to ensure the cleanliness of this popular stretch of beach; a valued hub of the local community and also a hidden habitat for flora and fauna - such as the rare native coastal flower known as Childing Pink, often found sprouting among Hare’s Foot Clover.

The group made a great effort to collect litter which mainly consisted of plastic packaging and some angling litter. The harbour Club which overlooks Silver Sands also offered their support by providing discounted roast dinners to reward volunteers for their hard work.

Gwenn Parker-Trégoat, the local resident who organised the event commented “I am very pleased to see that local families have responded so enthusiastically. There is something quite therapeutic and fun about litter picking when you have a proper picker. Adults and children alike do tend to enjoy it!’’

Gwenn continued ‘’ It is a positive action with immediate effect and tangible benefits for all; your neighbourhood, the environment, wildlife. It has a social and educational purpose, bringing people together in a very humble way. It is also free and near - get yourself and your kids a good litter picker for Christmas and see you all next year for more picking and less packaging!”

Shoreham Port was in full force with assistance from Craig Bennett, Estate Team Manager and Emily Kenneally, Communications Manager to assist with the litter pick and remove some debris. The Port also provided litter picks, bags and gloves and use of the Shoreham Port van to remove general waste.

Emily Kenneally, Communications Manager at Shoreham Port said ‘’We thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the litter pick on Silver Sands - it was great to see the local community come together with the Port to create a litter free space. Thank you to everyone who joined us to make the day such a success and to Gwenn for organising a fantastic event!’’

Category: Community

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