25 August 2017

Each month Shoreham Port receives a number of donation requests from local and national organisations and charities. The Port aims to support as many causes as possible, especially those in the local area.

Last month the Port received a request from the Friends of Shoreham Beach to help support their Rock Pooling event which was held on the 16th August at Kingston Bay. The event was led by Marine Biologist, Steve Savage and was supported by volunteers and leaders of the Friends of Shoreham Beach.

The aim of the event was to inform both adults and children about what can be found on the strandline, followed by a search for crabs, shrimps, prawns, fish fry and many other sea creatures. The children were motivated to learn about the local habitats in their own town and enjoyed the event which also encouraged team spirit.

Chairman of the Friends of Shoreham Beach Local Nature Reserve, Dr Jack Woolcock commented “The Friends are very grateful to the Port for sponsoring this event which was both educational and enjoyable. The event also has a value in the annual recording of species found in the area. It was a very enjoyable day with lovely highly motivated families who were careful of the welfare of the living creatures who were all returned to their proper habitat at the end of the day.”

Katie MacAllister, Marketing & Communications Manager at Shoreham Port commented “When we heard about the programme the Friends of Shoreham Beach were planning we were eager to get involved and provide support. The programme is a great local initiative which enables residents to get together and learn about the array of animals that live along the shoreline and how to conserve their environment.” 

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Category: Community