25 October 2019

This Wednesday, staff from the Port’s marine department and communications teams took part in a major incident exercise to assess the emergency planning at the Port. This fast-paced training opportunity tested the planning, resources, and actions of the teams with a mock emergency that was based on real-time conditions and varied incidents that could occur at the Port.

The exercise was facilitated by State 21; a consultancy company who provide professional skills and training at strategic, tactical and operational levels, drawing from experience in the police and military arena. ‘Exercise Kruger’ presented a variety of simulated challenges at different locations across the Port involving vehicles, vessels and operational machinery. The on-scene actions were directed by Mark Hayes, Marine Operations Manager, and James Gray, Assistant Harbour Master/Marine Works who alternated roles between Incident Commander and On-scene Commander, as tasked by State 21.

The communications team were tasked with notifying emergency services and relevant organisations, building the event timeline, and taking mock calls from local residents and journalists, as well as creating press statements and online updates as they would in the case of a real emergency.

Julian Seaman, Shoreham Port’s Harbour Master and Incident Commander, commented “Thank you to all of those who participated and supported with the emergency exercise on Wednesday. The simulation was a very valuable training exercise with lessons learnt and strengths identified. Well done to all staff for their hard work and enthusiasm on the day.”

Richard Rowland, Managing Director of State 21 commented “Safety and security are clearly areas of vital importance to Shoreham Port and it was a real pleasure for us to be invited to facilitate a major incident exercise for the Port.  This scenario-based exercise not only tested plans but also built skills and confidence, thereby enhancing port security, emergency response and resilience.”

Richard continued “Shoreham Port must be congratulated for their continuing focus on making the Port a more safe and secure place to work.”

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