19 June 2015

Many people along the South East Coast have been following the progress of the i360, the 162 metre observation tower being constructed on Brighton seafront, near to the West Pier.

Shoreham Port were contacted by the firm undertaking the construction of the i360 to assist with manoeuvring the Dutch Pioneer, a barge containing parts for the tower, into its designated delivery point. This involved using two tug boats, one provided by Shoreham Port and the other by the contractors.

The two tugs had to carefully swing the barge around in the East Arm to point it eastwards before escorting it along to Brighton. Upon arriving to Brighton seafront the crew then had to perform a complicated manoeuvre to secure the barge alongside the West Pier, in a strong easterly breeze, positing the barge directly underneath a crane ready to unload the vessel.

The two tugs then proceeded to assist with re-entry into Shoreham Harbour, enabling the barge to be re-loaded with equipment ready for its next delivery.

James Gray, Assistant Harbour Master at Shoreham Port commented “This complex manoeuvre involved precision timing and planning and I am pleased to report that everything went to plan and we look forward to repeating the process over the next few weeks as more equipment for the i360 arrives.”

The constructors of the i360 chose to deliver parts to Shoreham Port due to the access available in and out of the harbour, allowing sufficient space to manoeuvre the barge. Shoreham also had the perfect facilities to accommodate the barge overnight, within the safe and secure compound.

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