28 April 2011

Thousands of tonnes of wood chippings are being exported weekly from Shoreham as fuel to power stations in Northern Europe and Scandinavia.

Shoreham has been chosen by Eddie Stobart and Jenkinson as their port in the South East for exporting wood chippings to other parts of the UK and the rest of Europe. The wood comes from construction waste and other sources that would otherwise go to landfill. Currently, all the chippings are going to Sweden. The great thing about it is that the ships that bring timber from Sweden are now going back full with wood chippings. Shipping is the most sustainable mode of transport and the fact the ships are now carrying cargo in both directions makes them even more sustainable.

Alan Motterham - Operations and Commercial Director commented "This is new business for us, and already we have loaded 10 ships since January".

"One of the issues that we have encountered, especially in the very dry weather, is dust. We recognise this has caused concern for some residents and businesses in Portslade and so we have now installed a new water sprinkler system to suppress the dust. We will continue to monitor the situation carefully, using an independent air monitoring surveyor, as we take any concerns from our neighbours seriously".

Having a new cargo to handle on the port is good news for Shoreham, as we have recruited more staff locally and is another example of the port doing well despite the current uncertain economic climate.

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