10 March 2017

Over 90 visitors enjoyed a unique behind-the-scenes tour of Shoreham Port this week. As requested by the University of Brighton and Oxford International Language School, the tours were arranged to support students with an interest in sustainability and the construction industry.

Visitors were taken on a coach tour of the Port to areas that are normally off limits to the general public. Led by Shoreham Port’s Director of Engineering, Tony Parker, the groups visited key sites including Brighton Terminal, the new warehousing on the Outer Layby, the harbour entrance and the Pump House.

University of Brighton students in their third year of Built Environment and Civil Engineering courses studying ‘Principles of Sustainable Construction’ visited the Port on Monday to hear how the new wind turbines were providing renewable energy for the Pump House.

Della Madwick, Senior Lecturer at the University of Brighton commented “The students were keen to hear about the principles applied at the Port to reduce resource consumption such as innovative use of waste products and storage of materials around the Port for future projects. The tour was an extremely valuable contribution to studies in sustainability in construction and we are very grateful to the Port for allowing us to visit.”

The rest of the week was dedicated to tours for the Oxford International Language School, with a focus on educating students about the port industry as a whole and what Shoreham Port does locally as a key economic driver in the area.

Jane Perkins, Principle for Oxford International Language School commented “Our group really enjoyed the tour of the Port. Tony was great, very knowledgeable and we felt that we all learnt a lot.”

Tony Parker added “I thoroughly enjoyed my role as tour guide for the tours this week. We have met some great people and it was fantastic to hear how enthusiastic everyone is about the Port and everything that goes on here.”