17 August 2018

Throughout August Shoreham Port has been focussing on staff wellbeing and delivering bespoke workshops on stress and resilience. A few weeks ago the Port welcomed Jason Anker in, to deliver a very moving talk on the importance of resilience – ‘it’s not about the fall, it’s about the bounce’. Jason spoke about his life changing accident and then talked in detail about how he has built his life back and the many challenges he has overcome. The full story can be viewed here.

Following on from Jason’s hard hitting sessions, the Port welcomed Caroline Lovett from As You Are, a local mental health charity in Southwick, to deliver workshops on building resilience to the staff. These focussed on introducing the concept of emotional resilience and how to build greater resilience, both professionally and personally. The sessions involved group work and examined how to seek a balance between home life and work life and building a resilient team around you. Staff were encouraged to identify their own level of resilience and to see how they could best support each other through challenging situations.  

Nicky Goldsbrough, Director of Corporate Services at Shoreham Port commented “The workshops provided a much needed opportunity for reflection and our staff completely embraced each others experiences and levels of resilience. We are striving to bridge the gap between physical and mental health and ensure that our staff receive the support they need to look after their mental and physical wellbeing. Thank you to Caroline and Jason for helping us to take the first steps of a much boarder wellbeing strategy.”

Caroline Lovett, workshop facilitator from As You Are commented “What a fantastic day I have had at Shoreham Port. It is so encouraging that Shoreham Port are supporting their staff with resilience and emotional wellbeing. When given the opportunities to talk, people do. And when we share our stories we feel stronger. Resilience is all about adapting, but we don't have to do that alone. To have the support of our colleagues and our managers is a fantastic place to be, and Shoreham Port are setting an amazing standard for other organisations. Keep on talking - it will make the work environment happier, safer and more productive.”

As You Are provide affordable counselling and group work for depression, stress and anxiety for people living in the local area. For more information about the services they offer please visit: http://asyouarecentre.co.uk/get-involved/make-a-donation/.

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