1 May 2020

Shoreham Port continues to function as a key economic driver in the South-East, with improvements, such as the demolition of Shed 1 taking place in recent months. The demolition of Shed 1, one of the Port’s largest and oldest storage sheds, is part of the Port’s wider plan to regenerate the harbour area and continue to grow commercial activity, making way for ArcelorMittal to reconfigure their site and for the Port to welcome a new tenant mid-year.

Shed 1 previously stored timber and is located on the south side of the Port’s canal, opposite Hove Enterprise Centre and Ferry Wharf, one of the Port’s other ongoing commercial property developments. Built in three stages, the first phase of Shed 1 was built in the 1970s. Interestingly, the three sections of the shed were built in an unusual order, the two end sheds were constructed first before the middle section was erected years later to complete the floor plan of over 7,500 sq. ft. In years gone by, the shed was even used by Cadbury to store cocoa beans.

The shed was also positioned very close to the quayside to accommodate the older methods of unloading cargo. Nowadays, however, the Port’s Operations team use forklifts to move cargo across the quay more effectively alongside their state-of-the-art stock control system Track-A-Pack, that digitally tracks all timber movements throughout the 2.5 km length of the Port. 

Brian, Director of Engineering & IT commented “I am pleased to say we have successfully completed the demolition of Shed 1, with our skilled Engineering team doing an excellent job. We look forward to continuing to work with demolition and deconstruction engineers from Dorton in the future to safely and efficiently reconfigure the site, and continue to develop the Port estate, in line with our Masterplan vision.”

Brian, Director of Engineering & IT continued ‘’The redeveloped of the new site will look fantastic and make better use of space, while improving health and safety on the Port and enhancing the appearance of the area. As always, we are also delighted to work with local contractors and suppliers on this project to reduce our carbon footprint as an EcoPort.”

Category: Maritime