28 June 2012

Shoreham Port played host to students from Eastbrook Primary School this week to give them an insight into daily port life. Alongside parent helpers and teachers, the children were joined by members of staff who dedicated their time to take the pupils on the exciting trip. Blessed by dry weather and clear skies, there was excitement and smiles all round!   

The children toured Shoreham Harbour Radio, the Ports traffic management hub, to learn about the importance of the lock-gates and how they operate. Some pupils were fortunate enough to see the gates in action by watching a number of vessels pass through. Other features included climbing on board the ‘Adurni’ tug boat to learn about nautical charts and sighting some Port hotspots by the dry-dock. The dive store was definitely a highlight, as the children learnt about the specialised equipment and even tried on the diving helmets to get a taste of what life is like underwater.

Paul Johnson, Safety & HR Director, said “it is such an invaluable experience for local children to come down and learn about what happens on a day-to-day basis”. As the children are currently learning about the Titanic, it was a great chance for them to put maritime history into perspective. Eastbrook Primary School teacher, Ms Tugwell, noted that “living so close to the Port, the students were really looking forward to the tour and it was great to see it all come to life - a really lovely morning”.

Shoreham Port is committed to supporting the community and raising its profile within the local area. If you would like to arrange a visit to the Port please email mmulcahy@shoreham-port.co.uk.