4 January 2018

The South coast, like many others has been battered with ferocious storms over the last few years. Storm winds and waves cause extensive damage to seaside infrastructure, such as Shoreham Port. This morning the whole of the Port frontage was awash with shingle that had been deposited by the sea from the high wind and wave movement last night, caused by Storm Eleanor.

The Port’s staff were swiftly out in full force to clean up Basin Road South and remove the large quantities of shingle. Andrew Barr, Estate Cleaner at Shoreham Port commented “It’s my first week in the job here at the Port and it’s great to already be part of such a team effort. The road was covered in shingle and it was dangerous to drive on, so I was pleased to be part of the cleanup effort to make it safe again.”

These days, with houses, ports and seaside resorts built on much of our shoreline, the natural dynamic movements on the foreshore must be continuously managed to keep the shoreline in the same place and our buildings and roads safe.

Waves are particularly energetic, as we all know locally, and one of the effects of large waves is to reduce the level of the shingle at the top of our beaches. This in turn allows even larger waves to travel ever closer to the Port roads and terminals to cause greater damage. It is therefore important for the Port to do everything it can to ensure the roads and local shoreline are kept as safe as possible. This is achieved through the biannual shingle movements and cleanups that Shoreham Port arranges, such as todays cleanup of Basin Road South.

Rodney Lunn, Chief Executive said “A big thank you to the Port staff today for braving the weather and ensuring Basin Road South was cleared up for safe public use.”