13 September 2019

This week, members of the Shoreham Port team attended London International Shipping Week (LISW). The event is one of the largest maritime events in the world that boasts a packed programme of 200 meetings, seminars and functions across the capital, peppered with major announcements by industry and government professionals on the future of the UK’s £40bn maritime sector. Around 20,000 individuals from every sector of the global maritime industry gathered in London to take part in a variety of events throughout the week.

The British Ports Association (BPA) and UK Major Ports Group released a report alongside LISW this week which demonstrated the hugely significant economic impact ports have on the UK economy and jobs. The report showed that 95% of the UK’s imports and exports are carried through British ports, handling around 500 million tonnes of freight each year, adding £9.7 billion of direct value to the UK economy.

The report also revealed that UK ports directly employ around 115,000 people across the country, with the South East region representing the biggest share in employment by the ports industry with 26,900 jobs. In the wider supply chain, the industry supports 431,000 jobs and 277,000 through wider spending!

Martin Lawlor, BPA Chairman commented “Ports are the foundation of the entire marine economy – whether it is leisure, fishing, offshore energy, marine aggregates or anything else that uses the seas around this island – it matters that the industry continues to deliver.”

Martin continued “Ports are delivering jobs, investment and prosperity – but that is no accident. If we are to continue to deliver, we cannot stand still, the world is constantly changing, and we must constantly change with it and ensure we have a business environment that continues to support success and a world class ports industry.”

Rodney Lunn, Shoreham Port’s Chief Executive continued to fly the Shoreham Port flag during LISW, attending a number of key events held by international shipping and marine trade associations and UK Government; including the BPA, of which he is a Council Member. Julian Seaman, Harbour Master also represented the Port at various events including the British Ports Association Regional Ports networking meeting during the week.

Nicky Goldsbrough, Director of Corporate Services at Shoreham Port, was invited to present at the Women in Shipping Summit; a two day summit focusing on gender equality and diversity within the maritime sector. Nicky’s presentation exhibited a case study of Shoreham Port’s commitment to gender diversity, both within the Port and within the wider maritime industry.

Nusrat Ghani, UK Maritime Minister commented “Our maritime industry is thriving, and fundamental to our success as a trading nation, contributing £14.5 billion to the UK. As the largest trade event this year, LISW is a unique opportunity for us to promote our ambition for a Global Britain, and for the sector to secure fantastic trade for the UK.”

LISW is held every two years and runs for one week in September. Watch Nusrat Ghani’s interview about this year’s event here, or visit the London International Shipping Week website here.

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