24 April 2015

This week Shoreham Port celebrated with staff member Luke Walker as he completed his four year apprenticeship. Luke has achieved an Advanced Level Apprenticeship in Engineering Manufacture – Craft and Technician (Fabrication and Welding) in the Science, Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies.

Luke started at Shoreham Port in July 2011 and soon became a valued member of the team. Previously Luke worked as a brick layer but was keen to broaden his skills and learn a new trade. Luke fitted in perfectly at the Port and now performs many different tasks within the Engineering Department, including welding and general maintenance and repair work.

Luke commented “I’m thrilled to have finally finished my apprenticeship. It has been a lot of hard work but it is so rewarding to know that I am now officially qualified and can take on more responsibilities at the Port. I’m extremely grateful to Shoreham Port for giving me this opportunity to progress in my career.”

After a short celebration Luke will be embarking on his next series of training this month as he departs for Scotland to train as a Commercial Diver. Sponsored by the Port, Luke will undergo nine weeks of intensive training at Fort William. The dive training will enable Luke to return to Shoreham and carry out essential maintenance works underwater.

Brian Rousell, Port Engineer commented “Luke was our first apprentice in the Engineering Team and right from day one he has impressed everyone. He embraces a range of different activities requiring a host of specialist engineering skills and now he’s embarking on his diver training he’ll be a linchpin going forward. I really hope all future apprentices’ measure up to Luke’s performance.”