10 February 2015

Shoreham Port handles a wide variety of cargoes, many of which are connected to the construction industry for example – timber / steel and aggregates. However, to ensure a diverse portfolio, the Port has this week exported its first shipment of recycled tyres. The Port has not handled recycled tyres previously and the team were eager to get all of the processes in place to ensure the successful loading of this new cargo.

The recycled tyres arrive from many tyre companies around the south of England. The tyres are shipped overseas to be used in a waste transfer plant where they will be recycled.

Specialist handling equipment is being used to move the tyres from the quay to the vessel. The forklift trucks being used to transfer the tyres are fitted with bale clamps, and also the crane, to lift the cargo over and down into the vessel’s hold has a custom made clamp.

Alan Motterham, Commercial/Operations Director commented “It is great for the Port to be handling a new type of cargo, expanding our already growing cargo portfolio. We hope that with the successful export of the current cargo of tyres, we will see many other shipments continue throughout the year.”

To track live vessels passing in and out of Shoreham please visit www.shoreham-port.co.uk/Vessel-Movements. This page features an interactive map that allows users to select a vessel for further information. Details can be found on the vessel’s vital statistics and the route it has taken so far.