19 October 2018

On Saturday 13th October, 28 people took part in a litter collection day inside Shoreham Port’s basin. The event was organised by two local residents Tracy Harrison and Rob Lusted from the Shoreham Port Angling Community. The volunteers included members of local angling clubs, local dog walkers and other members of the Southwick community.

The group were very successful, managing to collect in the region of 27 black rubble sacks. The litter mainly included lost commercial ropes and sections of netting, plastic containers, polystyrene packaging and a small amount of angling related litter.

The Schooner Inn were on hand on the day, providing free tea, coffee and cakes for all those who took part in the event, keeping all in attendance warm on a windy, rainy Saturday afternoon.

Reg Phillips, a local angler who attended the day commented “Well it’s another proud day as a rep for the Angling Trust and commodore of the South Coast Angling Club here in Shoreham Harbour. It is always a pleasure to work alongside angling colleagues and the wider community to help keep our marine environment clean of litter and windswept industrial debris.”

Reg continued, “Our thanks goes to local resident Tracy Harrison and Rob Lusted from the Shoreham Angling Community for their help in organising these litter clean days. A massive thank you to Shoreham Port for allowing us to stage this event each year and to the landlady of the Schooner Inn, Fiona McWilliams and family for taking part and providing refreshments.”

Julian Seaman, Harbour Master/Director of Marine Operations at Shoreham Port commented “It is great to see the community get together to support the Port in its efforts for a cleaner, litter free environment. A big thank you to all that took part and well done for all your hard work!”

Categories: Community, Sustainability