10 October 2019

Shoreham Port has been productive as ever this week, with departments across the whole organisation being kept busy with cargos, new tenants, coast protection works and much more.

The Operations and Marine departments have been busy on the quayside over the past few weeks, with recent tenants Barrett Steel bringing in regular steel shipments to Fishergate Terminal, as well as plenty of fishing boats mooring up now that the fishing season is in full swing. With Shoreham Port being the number one scallop landing Port in the UK, this is a busy time of year.

Spinny and Gusty, the Port’s two 100 kilowatt wind turbines, have been undergoing planned maintenance work this week, carried out by Norvento; you may have spotted their mobile elevated work platform up high at 35.5 metres this week to carry out the works inside the nacelle of the turbines.

Meanwhile, Shoreham Port’s Engineering department have been carrying out their annual service of the Prince George lock gates to ensure that they remain fully operational 24-7. The locks must be dammed off using stop logs, weighing an impressive 2.6 tonnes each, which are craned into position by a 90-tonne crane. The stop logs are then submerged in their guides and checked by the Port’s skilled in-house Dive Team before the water is pumped out.

The Engineering department are also continuing to ensure the protection of the Port’s coastline, with the latest phase of the essential protection work taking place along Basin Road South via the implementation of steel sheet piling, as well as their biannual shingle transfer which is due to take place later this month.

Further updates about Shoreham Port’s coast protection as well as other department updates will also be available to view this weekend in their upcoming PORTlife digital newsletter. Since the Port’s decision to go paperless with their newsletters in January of this year, the quarterly PORTlife now features exclusive interactive content, with in-depth yet easy to read articles, exciting videos, and access to their INfocus podcast, with insightful interviews with various members of the Shoreham Port team.

Kate Tyrer, Communications Executive at Shoreham Port commented “We’re really excited to release our latest digital newsletter this week. Our team has been working hard to produce engaging, interactive content with our new PORTlife newsletters and I think this is our best one yet! Please do visit our website www.shoreham-port.co.uk/PORTlife-Newsletters and follow the link to subscribe to ensure you read our latest issue.”

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